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Electric Skateboards vs. Skateboards

There are the purist skateboarders. The guys and girls who only like the wheels, trucks and deck. The manual power exerted to move forward, to be agile, to flow and to do get somewhere. Tricks also play a role, to be able to get up in the air, to make the board move like you want it to using your body, legs, feet and gravity to flip it like you want.  Electric Skateboards are quite different. The boards are heavier because it has a battery and a controller on board. It’s not made with the same ideas in mind than skateboarding as we know it. Even skating downhill with longboards aren’t similar. The electric boards might resemble the same shapes...

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The details of the Liberté Board

Both the Liberté single- and dual-motor boards have the controller case and the battery case as separate parts under the board. This means you only have the deck between you and the street and it has a lot less vibration than boards with batteries going from the front to the back of the board. It's got larger than normal wheels which makes it easier to get onto small ridges and over dents in the tar of the road. It's a super well designed board, and it handles beautifully.  Check out the video here too:

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Electric Skateboards - for Joy or for Commuting?

I won't lie, we all ride Liberté Boards around here so I'm going to tell you the first thing about electric skateboards are how much fun they are. It's just the glide through the city, giving the same intense feeling you get when watching a cinematic scene in a movie.  And what we like most is to go ride together. We'll all get our boards and confirm the best bike route. We'll go down along the Seine and over a bridge to get the view from Trocadero. Everyone is there for the same reason. Just to enjoy and have a blast.  Commuting Secondly, there is a massive trend in the auto and mobility industries with regards to last-mile vehicles to...

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